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Study Reveals that PRP Can Cure Hard-to-Treat Low Back Pain

Epoch Times—June 12, 2015

Epoch Times reports that a Hospital for Special Surgery study indicates that platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) can cure low back pain that is typically difficult to treat.

"Some people were 100 percent improved. … It’s truly a cure if you can get the tear to heal," said Dr. Gregory Lutz, physiatrist at Hospital for Special Surgery.

To learn more, visit www.theepochtimes.com.

​​March 14, 2017.  Research conducted at the University of Virginia suggests that patients may wish to take a 1 to 3 month break from lumbar epidural steroid injections (LESIs) before undergoing lumbar spinal fusion surgery. Why? An increased risk of infection has been identified when LESIs are administered within 3 months prior to surgery. Full details can be found in the article "The impact of preoperative epidural injections on postoperative infection in lumbar fusion surgery" by Anuj Singla, M.D., and colleagues, published online today in the Journal of Neurosurgery: Spine.

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